The Realm of Fae Has Been Opened

Once a year, as light from the rising moon shines onto a mystical prism, the mysterious Market of the Moons makes an appearance, blurring the line between the mundane and Magical worlds… between our Realm and the Realm of the fairies.

Lords and Ladies, you are cordially invited to the Market of the Moons Renaissance Faire! Welcome to a weekend full of family-friendly, fairy-inspired fun! Come meet your favorite Shakespearean fairies, watch thrilling battles, dance to vibrant tunes, or shop at the fairy market. Bring your family for daytime nature walks around our beautiful grounds and engage in thrilling activities along with kings, queens, knights, and mythical creatures. Or, come to our bawdy after dark entertainment for adults only!

I’m excited! When is this happening?

  • Information on Market of the Moons 2017 coming soon!